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Utilities UK: Welcome to the SoreEyes UK electricity and gas online comparison service!

Save Time & Money while generating income for Sight Savers, the leading UK charity, while comparing your current gas and electricity bills with the cheapest available.

This unique comparison service, has been developed by SoreEyes partner Xelector plc who were used by the UK gas and electricity industry regulator, Ofgem, to produce energy pricing data and analyses.

As regular compilers of 29 factsheets for Ofgem covering price analyses of all licensed gas and electricity suppliers, this service is already the largest producer of consumer pricing information on UK gas and electricity bills.

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Two simple steps to saving money:
  • Compare gas and electricity prices from every licensed energy provider in the UK.
  • Choose the gas or electricity supplier that suits you best and safely apply online.
What are the advantages to me?

This is an impartial and independent service comparing gas and electricity bills from all licenced UK energy providers. It is fast, friendly, secure and FREE. Within minutes you could be saving over £150 a year on electricity and gas bills. Use the service as often as you like; there is no obligation.

Remember, this no obligation service is completely free of charge!

Save up to £150 on your Gas and Electricity bills. Click here to find out how!

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