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Travel Insurance Glossary

Age Limit Annual Multi Trip Excess Waiver
Hazardous Activity Maximum Length Max. Length per Trip
Medical Exclusion Money Back Guarantee Multiple Quotes
Policy Details Single Trip Winter Sports Cover
Sight Saver
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Age Limit
This shows the maximum age for which a quote is given.
If you are older, please contact the insurer direct.
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Annual Multi Trip
Provides annual cover for multiple trips. Most insurers provide cover for an unlimited number of trips during the year but a few restrict the total number of days of travel permitted per annum. Check the policy before purchasing. More Definitions
Excess Waiver
The excess is the first amount of each claim which is payable by you. Some insurers allow you to waive this excess by paying a small additional premium. More Definitions
Hazardous Activity
Any activity, sporting or otherwise, which in the insurer's opinion
is likely to increase the risk of a claim will be defined as hazardous.
Definitions will vary from insurer to insurer - we recommend you check before purchasing the policy.
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Maximum Length or Maximum Length of Trip
Single Trip: This shows the longest possible trip for which you can receive a quote.
Annual Multi Trip: This shows the longest possible individual trip length for which you can receive a quote.
It does not refer to the number of trips you can take per year.
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Pre-existing Medical Exclusion
Most insurers exclude cover for medical conditions that existed at the time the policy was purchased. A few insurers will provide cover subject to an increased excess for claims relating to the medical condition. If you are pregnant, check this section carefully.
N.B. If in doubt, please contact the insurer for advice.
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Money Back Guarantee
The Money Back Guarantee varies from insurer to insurer, but is typically 10 to 14 days.
In general, it is only valid if you return the policy within the given period after the date of issue and you haven't made a claim and the insurer receives the policy prior to your departure date.
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Multiple Quotes
Some sites offer you more than one quote or will select the best quote from a panel of insurers. More Definitions
Policy Details
'Full' means, that full policy details are available on screen.
'Summary' means, that there is only a summary of the cover on the screen and you would have to contact the insurer for more details if required.
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Single Trip
This is a single trip beginning and ending in the UK. Most insurers impose a maximum length of trip, which we specify where known. More Definitions
Winter Sports Cover
Winter sports include those sports normally carried out on ice or snow such as skiing, snowboarding and ice-skating. Some insurers will provide limited cover e.g. on-piste skiing only, while others may permit off-piste skiing. We recommend you check the level of cover before purchasing the policy. More Definitions
Sight Saver
SoreEyes donates 50% of income from supporting insurers to Sight Savers International, the leading UK charity, which helps prevent blindness and restores sight in developing countries.

'Yes' means that this is a supporting insurer.
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Quote & Buy Online Travel Insurance Sites
These are the most sophisticated sites enabling you to obtain a firm quotation and buy securely online (or via telephone where preferred). More Definitions
Order Online Travel Insurance Sites
You can submit your credit card details but payment is not cleared online which can make it less secure. More Definitions
Quote Online Travel Insurance Sites
These sites offer a firm quotation online but have no payment facility. You will need to speak to the insurer direct to make a payment. More Definitions
Other Travel Insurance Sites
These sites only give basic information about the company including contact details. More Definitions