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  • Single Trip, Annual Travel, Discoverer and Tailored Annual Travel Insurance products available.
  • Optional activities cover.
  • Discounts for families and children.
  • Baggage and personal money cover.
  • Optional Winter Sports cover for up to 22 days.
  • Annual Multi-Trip cover: Anyone between 17 and 64 inclusive is eligible to buy. One years cover with a maximum of 120 days abroad and 42 days in any one trip. 22 days winter sports cover may be included if required.
  • Discoverer cover: Anyone aged 17 to 54 inclusive can buy. A continuous trip of up to 12 months in Europe and 18 months anywhere else in the world.
  • General assumptions:
    - Everyone Insured under the policy is a resident of the United Kingdom
    - All trips will start and end in the United Kingdom
    Health assumptions: Nobody to be insured under this policy who:
    - Is currently taking or should be taking prescribed medication for an existing condition.
    - Is awaiting surgery or any form of medical investigation.
    - Has suffered or is suffering from cancer or a heart related condition.
    - Is suffering from any other medical condition.
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