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  • Your motorbike has not been modified in anyway from the standard manufacturer's UK model
  • The motorbike is not a registered Q plate
  • You are the owner and the registered keeper of the motorbike
  • You are the main user of the motorbike
  • You and all of the proposed riders have;
    - the correct driving licence, including CBT if applicable, to ride the motorbike proposed
    - never been refused insurance or had special terms imposed on previous insurance policies
    - been continually resident in the UK for the past three years
  • You and all of the proposed riders do not have;
    - any part time occupations
    - any disability or medical condition which may affect your/their driving
    - any Notice of an Intended Motoring Prosecution pending
    - any non-motoring convictions e.g. theft, dishonesty or fraud within the last 5 years, have any prosecutions pending or police enquiries outstanding
  • Business use (where required) will be restricted to you only
  • You require a quotation for a single motorbike only - if you do require a quotation for more than one motorbike, please phone Churchill for a quotation.

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